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          Company Profile

                 Beijing LongFeng Classic Technique&Science Ltd. focuses on the design, creation, manufacture and selling of professional microphone.

              Based on the professional evaluation, the ABT microphone designed by LongFeng has been reached the international standard. It has been

              used in Zhongnanhai Conference Centre, Great Hall of the People, The News Press Hall of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs , CPPCC Au-

              ditorium, Beijing Conference Centre, CCTV, BTV(Beijing TV), Beijing JingXi Hotel, Shandong Provincial Conference Centre, Hebei Provincial

              Conference Centre, other TV stations and other important concourses. ABT microphone has become the priority for the acoustic customers.

                   Our company adheres to the philosophy of quality-oriented, customers first, continuous innovation and pioneering spirit. Meanwhile , we
              sincerely welcome all walks of life to cooperate and develop together.  

          Service Tenet


                                            Self-discipline and Social Commitment

          Product Advantage

          Delicate internal structure, wide range of frequency response and directivity,  low back-ground noise , reproduce the original sound, high stability

          Product Display

          X-POWER-BY FNC V1.0.0 FROM 自制50